NAC 3 April meeting minutes and other important information

An update from NAC 3:

Hello NAC 3 Residents,

We have a packed email today and because there is so much information we are attaching PDF documents so you can choose which areas you would like to review further.

NAC 3 held a meeting Monday April 8th at 7pm. We had numerous speakers and a plethora of information. Please see the "NAC 3 April Minutes" attachment for further detail.

The City of Frederick will be holding an introductory class on the city planning process on May 11th 2019 from 9am-11am. Please see the "Planning 101" attachment for further detail. 

There is a proposal for the development of a gas station on the corner of Thomas Johnson and Byte Dr which has a potential impact on some NAC 3 residents and the NAC 3 board has been following closely. The "Update- Sheetz at TJ and Byte" attachment is a write up of the history and current status of that topic.

Finally, we are sure everyone is aware of the completion of the bridge over US-15. The areas directly surrounding the bridge are next on the list for development. If you would like to know more about the future of this site we are including a link to the developer's website: