NAC 3 Takes Mayor's Assistant Gayon Sampson on Tour!

Many of our residents have voiced concerns over some of the issues the assistant Mayor was shown. NAC 3 has taken our concerns seriously and are pushing the issues to the city's leadership. Please note Gayon Sampson will be at the June 8th NAC 3meeting.  We encourage NC residents to attend and make their voices heard!

See below from NAC 3:

NAC 3 Takes Mayor's Assistant Gayon Sampson on Tour!

On Wednesday, March 27, several NAC 3 board members took Guy (Gayon) Sampson, the mayor's outreach assistant, on a 2 hour tour of NAC 3. He saw NAC 3's many past accomplishments as well as current and future issues. He was also given a folder of sample NAC projects, Position Statements, Mission Statement, etc. 

Past accomplishments included showing him the preserved Monocacy fields where FCPS had first proposed a new school, the Amber Meadows Park painting project and police info sign, the Amber Drive no-thru tracks sign and the Nalin Gate entrance. He was also shown the Monocacy schools and FCC crossing lights and the traffic cameras that NAC was instrumental in having installed. The tour also included the turn signal at Walgreen's that improved flow by moving traffic around the corner to Taney Avenue.

There was discussion about the large number of schools on Opossumtown Pike, which is unlike any other NAC. He observed the crossing area issues on Op Pike at FCC and Christopher's Crossing. He saw the TJ Drive medical campus area where R-20 zoning has just been approved, and how close the medical buildings are to the back of the Hillmeade townhomes yards. He saw the home at 7419 Hayward Road, where the re-zoning attempt to place a business, taking advantage of a GIS error in the city zoning map, was denied.

The tour included driving across and back over the new Monocacy Crossing bridge and turning at TJ and Byte Drive where the hotel and gas station are proposed. He also saw the sidewalk along Opossumtown Pike from Hayward Road to Rainbow Lane that NAC 3 worked for four years with city, county, state, and FCPS officials to install. 

The tour also featured the northern areas of NAC 3, including Tuscorora Knolls and Canon Bluff and the ongoing development there.

Most important, he learned how the county (Cloverhill) is in the middle of NAC 3. and was told how busing privileges are different due to lack of presence of interior sidewalks in Cloverhill developments.

Future issues involved the TJ/ Byte Drive zoning variance request and traffic and environmental issues to be considered with a proposed gas station. Also important is the problem of safe pedestrian/ student crossing at Opossumtown Pike and Christopher;s Crossing and the lack of busing for Clover Ridge Middle school students.

Guy took copious notes and said that he felt the tour was very helpful. He thought that other city officials could benefit from a similar tour with individual NACs. He was especially amazed at the sheer size of our NAC and the city/ county issues we are concerned with.

Later, we realized we had forgotten to show him the stealth tree behind FCC that NAC 3 had insisted on--a photo of that tree with its hidden media arrays was sent to him as a follow up!

All in all, it was a delight to spend 2 hours with the mayor's new assistant!  He has already accepted to be a guest at the NAC 3 June 8 meeting.