City Reminds Property Owners To Perform Trimming

City Reminds Property Owners To Perform Trimming

News release from the City of Frederick:

The City of Frederick reminds property owners of their responsibility and the importance of trimming foliage that may encroach in the public right of way, over fences or out of yard boundaries.

With the growing season in full bloom, some plants outgrow their boundaries and can create obstacles on sidewalks. Their overgrowth creates a hazard for pedestrians, who may be forced into the street to avoid the foliage.

Growth from all hedges, bushes, shrubbery and trees must remain inside property boundaries, per City code.

Sheetz store and 6 Pump (12 Nozzle) Gas Station Proposed for Byte Drive/ TJ Drive

At the NAC meeting April 8, a resident asked about the proposed gas station at Byte and TJ Drive. Here is the history and update of that issue. Also attached is the rough sketch "Gas Station Byte Drive" that the developers submitted to Planning for Comment as well as Planning's Review of the Plan with Modifications "Gas Pump Variance Comment Letter." The developers can adjust the plan based on the comments and resubmit. 

Revised Architectural Guidelines

Revised Architectural Guidelines

The North Crossing HOA Board recently approved an updated version of the ARC guidelines. These can be found on the Documents page. Some key highlights include:

  • Paint color restrictions have been loosened; colors outside the approved pallet will be considered by the ARC on a case-by-case basis

  • Clarified lawn maintenance standards

  • Residents should trim trees and shrubs overhanging the sidewalks

Please refer to the document for a full listing of the guidelines.

Letters To & From Santa

Letters To & From Santa

Hello North Crossing, 

My wife and I would like to offer up a holiday service for our community. In front of my home is a mailbox for letters to Santa. It's big, it's red, and says LETTERS TO SANTA.  It's in my yard...  you can’t miss it. 

171 Midsummer Dr Frederick Md

If your child would like a letter from Santa,  they can drop a letter in the mailbox with a return address and a stamp. Santa will write them back…