Parking Reminders & Towing

Due to the increase in vehicles being parked illegally and/or inconveniencing members of our community, the HOA has worked with Grimm’s Automotivation to make it easier for residents to resolve parking issues on their own.

If a vehicle is blocking your driveway, garage, or reserved parking spot, you can call Grimm’s (301-694-6612) and ask them to tow the vehicle for you. Be prepared to show proof you reside at that residence when they arrive. It is no longer necessary to call Clagett first for these particular parking issues.

Additionally, Grimm’s will be proactively patrolling our neighborhood for vehicles violating state/county laws or community guidelines and may tow vehicles that are:

  • Double-parked

  • Blocking a fire lane or hydrant

  • Parked in a restricted area or painted curb

  • Displaying no tags or expired tags (unless in a driveway)

  • Under repair or immobilized (unless covered or in a driveway)

Please ensure your vehicles are parked legally and courteously.