4-Way Stop at Christopher's Crossing / Opposumtown

Traffic control at the Opossumtown Pike and Christopher’s
Crossing intersection will change from a two-way stop to a four-way stop on or about May 7, 2018.
The change is planned to go into effect during the first full week in May, ahead of the anticipated
opening of the US 15/Monocacy Boulevard/Christopher’s Crossing interchange during mid-late May. 
The Maryland State Highway Administration estimates at least three of the four interchange ramps to
open during mid-late May. The final ramp – the northbound US 15 off-ramp to Monocacy Boulevard
– is expected to open approximately six weeks after.
The proposed change is an interim measure until a full traffic signal is installed at the intersection. The
City has made the design and installation of a traffic signal at the intersection a priority, and estimates
the signal to be in place during fall or winter 2019.
As of April 20, signs have been posted at the Opossumtown/Christopher’s Crossing intersection to
alert motorists to the upcoming change.
For further information, please contact Donnie Lawson, dlawson@cityoffrederick.com, 301-600-