Letters To & From Santa

Hello North Crossing, 

My wife and I would like to offer up a holiday service for our community.


In front of my home is a mailbox for letters to Santa. It's big, it's red, and says LETTERS TO SANTA.  It's in my yard...  you can’t miss it. 

171 Midsummer Dr Frederick Md

In a previous lifetime, I was the Family Readiness Officer for a military unit. We used to respond to letter to Santa for the families of our military members. 

If your child would like a letter from Santa,  they can drop a letter in the mailbox with a return address and a stamp. Santa will write them back.

We will return the original letter too.

Santa can address just about any question.

Santa will NEVER promise anything. 

This Santa does NOT provide gifts. Just a letter :)

If you give some details,  Santa can speak to resent life events or sibling interactions.

 Or does your child need a WARNING Letter? 

Your elf on a shelf or your favorite rain deer and report on your child and Santa can send a WARNING letter too.

Let us know how we can make this Christmas a memorable one for your child.

Merry Christmas !!

Doug and Shelley Grimmett