Northgate Sheetz Plan

Here is the new plan submitted by developers for a Sheetz on Byte Drive near TJ Drive where the construction equipment is located now. They are requesting 6 pumps with 12 nozzles. The Sheetz will be the size of the Rosemont Avenue Sheetz.

The developers lost the earlier Zoning Board of Appeals request and have now submitted this revised Plan B and will be presenting it at our NAC 3 Meeting on Sept. 23 at Monocacy Elementary School at 7 PM. They will then probably go to the Planning Meeting seeking approval in October or at the latest in November. The new plan has been reviewed by the city planners and it follows their suggestions.

The NAC board is considering all aspects of this new version of the project: consumer convenience, as well as possible environmental, increased traffic, and quality of life issues at this location. We are especially seeking advice from professionals in engineering and construction who may live in NAC 3 and Cloverhill. We are also trying to get this plan reduced to a shorter view (maybe one or two pages) so that it can be better understood by lay folks. If you or someone you know can help with this, we would be grateful. Once we get an easier version, we can share it with all the residents in all our communities.