HOA Board to Meet With Alderman Wilson

Dear North Crossing Residents,

Your 2019 Board of Directors have been provided an opportunity to speak directly with Alderman Roger Wilson.

Our current topics for discussion are as follows:

  • Safety concerns for Christopher Crossing.

  • Repainting Crosswalks on Christopher Crossing.

  • Yield Signage for current crosswalks and additional crosswalks for the community.

  • Traffic Calming and Speed reduction solutions for vehicles transiting Christopher Crossing and McClellan. 

  • Updates on the North Gate development.

We want to hear from you and ensure all resident concerns are addressed. What do you want your representatives to know about your community? What are the issues you feel the city can assist our community with?

If you have suggestions or concerns please email them to your Board of Directors at  northcrossinghoa@gmail.com